X JAPAN's guitarist PATA hospitalized, band postpones upcoming album and performance

X JAPAN made an official announcement yesterday regarding their future activities as a band and the condition of their guitarist PATA, who has been hospitalized for colonic diverticulitis and portal vein thrombosis. PATA was initially admitted on January 15th to the hospital's intensive care unit where he has been receiving IV treatment.

The band had been slated to perform at London's Wembley Stadium on March 12th, and has postponed the concert until March 4th of next year. Their new album which was supposed to be released on March 11th has also been put on hold, but no future release date has been set.

X JAPAN's members have each given a personal statement regarding the situation:

I am filled with sadness over this. I don't even have words, and I deeply regret having to upset our fans in such a way. I've always been of the "SHOW MUST GO ON" mentality, but for now, all I can do is watch over PATA's condition. I've always prayed that tragedy would never befall X JAPAN again. There is no X JAPAN without our fans. I promise you all that we will come back stronger than ever. --YOSHIKI
I apologize from the bottom of my heart to trouble all our fans and make them worry. Please look forward to the time when we as X JAPAN, along with PATA, can make music again. --TOSHI
I deeply apologize for having to postpone our performance at Wembley Stadium, as well as our new album. We need a bit more time to be able to give you all the complete X JAPAN experience, and when we can, we'll bring to you the very best performance and the very best music. Please look forward to that. --HEATH
X JAPAN without PATA is unthinkable, I'll continue to wait. --SUGIZO 

This announcement comes just days after the band's documentary We Are X, premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, where YOSHIKI gave a special performance. Please check back soon for more information regarding PATA's condition, and what's next for X JAPAN.

Source: Yahoo! Japan
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