Introducing: BRATBAX

Left to Right: gt Tetola, vo. XiAN, ba. Mel, ds. CyLLT, gt. Tohga
Another new band that recently started activities in 2016 is BRATBAX! However, the majority of the members are not strangers to the visual-kei scene because they were all former members of the recently disbanded XYLORiDE.

Below are the members and their positions:

Vo. XiAN, ex. XYLORiDE

Gt. 弖虎 (Tetola), ex. XYLORiDE as TAIGA

Gt. 斗雅 (Tohga), ex. XYLORiDE as 克季 (Katsuki)

Ba. メル (Mel), ex. XYLORiDE as Yu-ta

Ds. CyLLt

On their homepage, it shows that BRATBAX will be busy! To begin things, the band will release a distributed single on February 17 called Jailbir­d / TOWARD THE TWILIGHT. It will be released through the store, Like an Edison.

Second, they will host their first one-man live called INCUBATOR. The live will take place April 25 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4.

Third, they will release a live-limited mini-album at their first one-man. The mini-album will be called APOPTOSIS and will be sold for 1000 yen. It will come with 5 songs total and a DVD with the music video for "Jailbird", which you can see it below:

XiAN's Official Twitter
Tohga's Official Twitter
Tetola's Official Twitter
Mel's Official Twitter
CyLLT's Official Twitter
Official YouTube

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