Rad Market has released a new collection for Spring 2016 very recently! Unfortunately, most of it already sold out... but we can still take a look and admire the line! Read on to see what caught my eye!

      By the name itself, Maison De Mort, it sounds as chic as it looks. In looking closely though, this season brought to us different designs containing Mickey Mouse, squiggly lines, and even feathers. It seems the source of inspiration for this is all over the place, but the end product seems to be very reminiscent of clothing from Top Shop or Zara. I feel as if not only die hard fans of the GazettE can proudly strut around this, but for the fashionistas you find in New York, London or Paris! I definitely love this line for the classy taste with the hints of fun. 

There is no lookbook available to consume at the moment, but Ruki did us the honor to model the clothing pieces via his instagram
I congratulate those who were able to get their hands on this collection.
What did you get and/or what is your favorite piece?
Check out more of the line here:
Thanks for reading!
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