DIO - Distraught Overlord Touring Europe!

Some of you probably are surprised and confused since DIO - Distraught Overlord already disbanded back in 2010.
However, for B7Klan's 10th anniversary the band is back for another Europe tour! Mikaru, Kei, Erina, Ivy and Denka will all be standing on stage again, so make sure you get your ticket as soon as possible (here)! They will be performing together with the band DIRTRUCKS.

Those are the cities and dates:

7 april: Helsinki, Finland @ Nosturi
9 april: Paris, France @ Divan du Monde
10 april: London, UK @ the Underworld
12 april: Cologne, Germany @ MTC
13 april: Hamburg, Germany @ Headcrash
14 april: Wroclaw, Poland @ Firlej
16 april: Colmar, France @ le Grillen
17 april: Munich, Germany @ Feierwerk

Don't forget to check out the band's video message!

Source: B7Klan Facebook
Video Source: B7KLAN @Youtube
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  1. So excited!!! :3 I won't be able to see it I'm America still just wow.