LIVE REPORT: Synk;yet - Oneman: "Lover’s Suicide Garden - THE FINAL-" @ Shinjuku ReNY

Powerhouse band Snyk;yet delivered electric energy and a dynamic performance at Shinjuku ReNY on October 23rd for the final show of their tour titled『心中ノ園』-THE FINAL- (Lover’s Suicide Garden - THE FINAL-).

With a music style that leans on the darker side of the visual kei scene, they performed a diverse mix of heavier numbers along with intricate ballads and upbeat tunes showcasing their range of skills as performers.

Despite a bit of a late start, once the curtain opened, the venue burst to life. The members entered the stage one by one, pausing at the center to revel in the applause and cheers from the fans.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the band pulled the audience in for a fast-paced ride that began with “Jiseki no Sono / 自責ノ園”, one of Synk;yet’s more recent releases and a great opening to the show. Keeping the energy high, they immediately transitioned into “Fake out”. The distorted guitar riffs built up in the intro were followed by vocalist Liki screaming into the mic, prompting the crowd to throw themselves into violent headbanging. When performed live, the song has much more of a raw feel. The audience was completely sucked into the performance, pumping their fists in the air and jumping into the air.

The lights faded out for the next number “Aoi Boukyaku / 青い忘却”. The band members were free to move around during this song and the audience responded in kind, headbanging wildly while those in the front threw themselves over the railing.

Without pausing for a moment, they began to play “Inner Child / インナーチャイルド and the venue was bathed in pink and green lights. Shiori’s bass playing stood out in this song and the lively melody made you want to dance. The audience clapped in time, then on command from Liki they began to jump. You could literally feel the floor vibrate as the crowd continued to jump and Liki let out a deranged laugh. At the end of the song he screamed out “Let me hear your voice!!” and the crowd gladly screamed and shouted their appreciation.

“Aizou no Femme Fatale / 愛憎のファムファタール” began with a dark venue and a haunting organ intro. The room was doused in pink light as Liki narrated over the playing organ. During the song, the flashing of the lights created dramatic shadows over the members’ faces, distorting them briefly and adding to the theatrical effect. Liki threw himself into the performance, standing straight on the platform with his arms stretched wide, throwing his head around with abandon.

The venue became still for a moment during the bridge, then the energy exploded again. The crowd pumped their fists and the members all moved to the front of the stage, getting their fans even more excited. The crowd continued to be in high spirits and extremely responsive, hands outstretched and cheering for the band. The guitar riffs of  “An die Freude” were punctuated by sharp hand gestures from Liki and the chorus had everyone dancing. Kouji’s drumming technique was on great display during this song with drumstick twirls thrown in for extra style.

The song ended and the venue fell silent as the band members all lowered their heads. After the brief moment of silence, they began the next song “Yume Hitotachi no Sanritsu / 夢人達の旋律”. This time the crowd was fixated on the members who were smiling throughout the upbeat song. Liki’s voice stayed strong as he hit the high notes of the song. His voice, accompanied by just the piano, shone during the bridge. The music faded out and was followed by “Sacred Symphony”, a great example of a metal ballad, with its strong guitar riffs and melodic string backing. There wasn’t much movement from the crowd until after Rino’s wailing guitar solo when the music became faster and the crowd headbanged.

There was a hush in the room when the song ended and Synk;yet kept the dramatic atmosphere with “Chiisana kono ki no shita / 小さなこの木の下で”. The spotlight was centered on Liki as he sang with just the piano (played by Rino) and the cymbals from Kouji’s drums. This song was one of the best choices for displaying the band’s sheer musical range as well as Liki’s vocal ability. More layers of instrumentals kept getting added which consistently complimented Liki’s deep voice.  When Shiori’s bass came in during the second verse, the sound of it reverberated through the venue.

In the appreciative applause that followed the end of the song, they continued with “finale” and then “[Re]:birth”, one of their more popular songs which was even better live. The crowd began moving again, adding furitsuke to the song as the members danced on stage.

Despite the beauty of the previous songs, the audience was eager to get moving again and the venue returned to its upbeat energy with “Transitional Insanity”. Then everyone grabbed their towels for “Psychotic Mechanism” and went crazy waving towels and moshing from left to right. You could feel the floor vibrating and the members followed suit, running up and down on stage. The crowd switched from jumping to dancing and swaying, making hearts with their hands to show their love for the band. Shiori and Yuiha took turns in the spotlight with solos on the platform, soaking up the fans’ attention.

Then it was time for the last song “Unlimited Crucio”. The members began getting the crowd hyped up, prompting them to pump their fists and shout. Red lights flashed and smoke cannons went off, throwing the venue into pure rock chaos. Liki was writhing on the platform and everyone was headbanging. This is the part of the live where elegant showmanship was abandoned for pure reckless fun. Liki wandered around the stage alternating between throwing water bottles at the crowd and spraying water on them. The song was extended so there was more time for the crowd to go all out and each member took turns playing on the platform.

The live ended with Liki yelling “We are Synk;yet!” as the band left the stage to cheers and applause.

The crowd was screaming for an encore almost instantly. Despite performing a full set without a single break, the band was just as eager to keep going as the crowd and before long the lights came back on. When the band was back on stage, they thanked everyone for coming and surprised the fans with two announcements.

The first was that they would release a new single on January 6th, and the second was that their tour final would be held on May 3rd at Ebisu Liquidroom. The band had been wanting to play Ebisu Liquidroom for a while so they considered it a big achievement. The crowd cheered along with them and the mood was perfect for an encore.

They performed “Rainy” and then then last song of the night “Messiah”. Liki brought out the Synk;yet flag which was easily twice his size and waved with enthusiasm as the crowd moshed and danced. The highlight of the song was the epic guitar solo.

When it was over, everyone held hands and jumped, shouting “Messiah!” in celebration and anticipation of the band’s upcoming endeavors.


  1. 自責ノ園 (Jiseki no Sono)
  2. Fake out
  3. 青い忘却 (Aoi Boukyaku)
  4. インナーチャイルド (Inner Child)
  5. 愛憎のファムファタール (Aizou no Femme Fatale)
  6. An die Freude
  7. 夢人達の旋律 (Yume Hitotachi no Sanritsu)
  8. Sacred Symphony
  9. 小さなこの木の下で (Chiisana kono ki no shita de)
  10. finale
  11. [Re]:birth
  12. Transitional Insanity
  13. Psychotic Mechanism
  14. タルペイアの崖 (Tarpeia no Gake)
  15. Unlimited Crucio


  1. Rainy
  2. Messiah
Photo Credits: Synk;yet official staff

Many thanks to Starwave Records and Synk;yet for this opportunity!
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