Introducing: 真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ (zigzag) (ex.Ray℃ Members New Band) + 1st Mini-Album Release

Ray℃ and オトイロハ (otoiroha) fans are probably very surprised seeing the photo of the member's new band 真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ (zigzag) since they look very different than before.
Indeed, musically they seem to be going in a new direction too, but this definitely isn't a bad thing!
zigzag debuted today with their live at umeda AKASO. Moreover, their first mini-album entitled 繋がりたい (tsunagaritai) will be released on April 1st! It costs 1500 yen and includes six tracks.

1.繋がりたい (tsunagaritai)
2.百合ノ華 (yuri no hana)
3.彼ノ夢、幻。(kare no yume, maboroshi.)
4.悪霊退散 (akuryou taisan)
5.愛シ貴女狂怪性 (ai shi kiyo kyou kai sei)
6.十六夜 (izayoi)

Luckily, they already uploaded a MV spot for their new release in April as well as song samples on youtube, so check them out!

Members are:

Vocalist Mikoto
(ex.Ray℃, オトイロハ (otoiroha))

Guitarist Jin
(ex.Ray℃, オトイロハ (otoiroha))

Bassist Aoshi
(ex.Ray℃, オトイロハ (otoiroha))

zigzag OHP
Official Twitter
Official Youtube Channel

Source: OHP
Video Source: ジグザグ -真天地開闢集団- @Youtube
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