Former BLACK CAT drummer SHINTARO arrested for engaging in illicit acts with underage girl

Yesterday, several japanese news websites like Fuji News Networks wrote about BLACK CAT's former drummer SHINTARO (Shintaro Takada) who got arrested for having sex with an underage girl at a party in Shinjuku back in April 2015.
Apparently, he participated in a group-sex party at an Internet cafe together with the 17-years-old fan and two other people. Before, messages have been posted on fan boards targeting girls who are interested in an opportunity to interview with a talent agency or meeting band members.
SHINTARO himself claims that he didn't know the girl was still underage.

Moreover, his current band  アイヲロスト (Aiolost) decided to fire him after they heard of the crime.
They are very sorry to all of their fans. Soon after discussions between members and staff are finished, the band will let everyone know about their future activities.

Source: Tokyo Reporter, Aiolost Official

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