RHEDORIC Announces New Digital Single + New Drummer

The band RHEDORIC (formerly known as THE RHEDORIC) has recently announced two exciting announcements!

After recently making their major debut through UNIVERSAL MUSIC and the second press release of their full album Jiggy, they will be releasing a new digital single. The single will be called "WORLD", and it will be released in the United Sates, Europe, and Japan on November 25. This single will be the leading single from the band's upcoming second album, Garyou Tensei, which is set to be released on December 23 through Universal Music Japan. The band already released recently the spot for the music video, which you can check out below:

Also, the other exciting news is that their support drummer, Naruka (ex. Carat), officially joined the band as their drummer at their gig on November 9. The band asks for you to stay tuned while they make new music consisting of all five members!

The band was formed in 2012 by guitarist Yusuke Suga (ex. 12012) and guitarist TOMO (ex. Deflina Ma'riage &199X) with the concept of "being the 'one and only' style of music, which cannot be categorized into specific genre's". Later, bassist Shigure (ex. uBuGoe & Gill'e cadith), drummer Takuya Kusunose (ex. Hysteric Blue), and vocalist Yuji (ex. Gravity ZERO) joined the band, but Takuya soon left after.
In July 2014, TOMO and Yuji represented the band by coming over to the States for a performance, whom were widely welcomed with supporters. Their first press of Jiggy was released that same year in October,  which is completely sold out and now hard to get in stores.
The band returned in August 2015 after pausing while waiting for Yuji to recover from an accident injury. In October, the second release for Jiggy went on sale, which had all pre-orders sell out. Only after 3 years of activity, the band has surely become well-demanded in this music scene.

To buy Jiggy, please click the following links:
iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, AmazonGoogle Play
For a preview of it, go to their SoundCloud page here.

Source: JCC Inc., Nameless PR

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