Matenrou Opera - 4th Album "Chikyuu" Announced + Spot

Matenrou Opera announced recently that they will be releasing their 4th full album to kick off the new year! The album will be called Chikyuu (地球) and it will be released on January 20, 2016. The album is planned to be released in 2 types.

The limited edition will cost 3500 yen. It will include a CD with 13 songs and a DVD with MVs of three songs. The regular edition will cost 2900 yen and will include a CD with 12 songs only.

The following 3 songs are the ones confirmed to be on this album: "ether", "BURNING SOUL" and "Chimishou" (致命傷). In addition, "ether" and "BURNING SOUL" will have their MVs as part of the DVD, with an addition of a new MV of a song from the album.

This is all the information that has been revealed about this released! However, Matenrou Opera launched a special website for Chikyuu, that you can look back for updates by clicking here. In the meantime, they uploaded an introduction movie for this release that you can view below:

Source: OHP
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