Lin to disband + last release and last live announcement

It was announced today that Lin -the end of corruption world- will be disbanding in March of 2016 following a three-day event and a one-man live. According to the band's official statements, they reached the decision to go their separate ways during meetings held following their hiatus. The band is very sorry for the sudden announcement, but all are grateful to their fans for supporting them until now.

"A lot of people will think that the second chapter of Lin disbanding after only two years is too soon," says KISAKI, the bassist and founder of the band, "but we decided a firm, positive 'goodbye' was better than a long-standing hiatus [as it would] betray everyone's expectations."
Lin's announcement was made the day of their guitarist CERO's birthday event, but the band hopes that the fans will still be able to enjoy the celebration, as well as continue to cheer them on until the very end.

The band will be releasing a memorial best box, the end of corruption world, on February 24th. Those who preorder it through their online shop will get a message DVD from the member of their choosing, and the first press will include a bonus CD of "World In Flames~Eternal Sleep~", as well as a signed sticker card. More information on the release to follow!

Lin's last lives have also been announced, starting with a three-day concert event at Shinjuku ReNY, followed by their final performance at Namba Hatch.

Lin LAST LIVE 2016 "the end of corruption world"

2016.3.08/09/10 Shinjuku ReNY
Doors: 15:00 Start:16:00
Presale: 4,500yen (presale starts December 13th)

Performing on the 8th: Lin, Far East Dizain, AvelCain, SCREW, DADAROMA, Synk;yet, emmuree, dieS

Performing on the 9th: Lin, JILS (guest), GOTCHAROCKA, UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ, Jupiter, LIPHLICH, AvelCain, 黒百合と影 (Kuroyuri to Kage)

Performing on the 10th: Lin, GARGOYLE (guest), Kαin (guest), Mix Speaker's, Inc., Black Gene For the Next Scene, defspiral, THE BEETHOVEN, グリーヴァ (Grieva)

2016.3.20 Namba Hatch
Doors: 14:00 Start:15:00 
Presale 5,000yen (presale starts on December 19th on their web site, and December 20th elsewhere; those who purchase the special edition ticket online for 12,000yen get a parka, and every person who attends the last live will get a t-shirt at the end of the show)

Tickets can be purchased through ePlus.

Source: OHP
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