INTERVIEW: SuG Before Their European Tour

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of interviewing SuG just before their European tour! Although they are currently on the road, check out what the guys had to say while they were in Japan. They talk about their latest release SICKS, their album BLACK and more!

VKH: Since this is SuG’s first full-length European Tour, what sort of thoughts have you had? What are excited for and what are you worried about?

Takeru: I’m very excited to answer to everyone’s expectations.

Chiyu: Instead of being nervous, I’m more excited to meet all overseas fans.

yuji: I’m not nervous at all! I’m really looking forward to everything expect the long traveling!

masato: I’m very relaxed, but I’m worried about the coldness.

shinpei: I’m worried if I can endure the coldness. (laugh)

VKH: For people who do not know you, how would you describe SuG and your music, especially with your current style?

Takeru: We are a mixture band born from a compilation of Harajuku and visual kei!

Chiyu: We have songs from various genres, so first, I would like you to find a song that you like.

yuji: Music-wise, we are a no-genre band!

masato: We are a band with various kinds of music, so I don’t think you’ll get bored listening to us.

shinpei: We are a band that is like a toy box; there are many kinds of music mixed up.

VKH: Right after the tour, your new single « SICK’S » will be released. Will fans in Europe possibly get to hear it live?

Takeru: We are still wondering what to do!

Chiyu: Maybe we should play it then (laugh)

yuji: If they want to hear it!

masato: If everyone says they want to hear it, we would love to.

 shinpei: I think so, but I’m not sure yet.

VKH: What is the concept behind SICK’S?

Takeru: It’s a song that will light a fire to apathetic feelings!

masato: "Modern disease" is the concept of the song.

VKH: Why do your new artist photos show the members being hunted by snipers?

Takeru: It’s to born again to live positively!

Chiyu: Because when you have a modern disease, it doesn’t matter if you’re alive or dead.

yuji: I wonder! I don’t know!

shinpei: I think it’s perfect for the pop but toxic image. (laugh)

VKH: Your latest album "BLACK" is different from your previous releases. What motivated you to pull away from the pop and positive image you had ?

Takeru: The image we had from the start of our activity break to our comeback was reflected on this album!

Chiyu: We wanted to express a new SuG.

yuji: I didn’t really purposely change the compositions while composing, though !

masato: The meaning of this album is that various colors of SuG’s songs mix together and become BLACK, so this is also one side of SuG.

shinpei: At that time, we thought these songs were necessary for us.

VKH: Will you continue with a mature image like BLACK from now on?

Takeru: It’s not mature! It’s flamboyant! (laugh)

Chiyu: I don’t think BLACK is mature, but I believe you all will understand when you see the MV for "SICK’S".

yuji: We do not intend to be mature!

masato: It all changes with each release and Takeru’s worldview, so please think of everything as SuG, and look forward to everything we have.

shinpei: We have many sides to us, so we might go back to the mature style again.

VKH: We understand that Takeru plays a role in every step of the band’s concept making to create what is referred to as « 3D Music ». Could you explain the concept of "3D Music"?

Takeru: It’s 3D with fashion and film included!

Chiyu: A combination of fashion, books, music videos and sound.

yuji: It means music that you can enjoy with your eyes too!

shinpei: It’s not only the music – we create our releases from various directions including fashion, design and books, making it 3D.

VKH: Next year will be SuG’s 10th anniversary! Do you have any special plans to celebrate?

Takeru: I don’t know about the future yet!!

Chiyu: Fanclub trip.

yuji: Not really!

masato: I want to make it special.

shinpei: I don’t know yet. If we can have a special live, I want to have one.

VKH: Thank you so much for your time! Would you mind sending a message to your fans and our readers?

Takeru: I want to make this tour so hot that we can do a tour again! Please help us!

Chiyu: I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, so put on pretty clothes and come to meet us. ♪

yuji: I believe there are many persons who will be meeting us for the first time this year, but we are probably shorter than you think so please don’t be surprised!

masato: It’s our precious Europe tour so please come to meet us!

shinpei: Because you all supported us, we were able to do a Europe tour. Thank you so much. Please keep on supporting

Special thanks to coolJAPAN, inc. for making this interview possible!

SuG is already on tour and there are still VIP tickets available for some of their shows! For more information on their tour, check out the website below:

2015/11/29 (Sun) Werkstatt, Cologne, Germany
2015/11/30 (Mon) Backstage, Paris, France
2015/12/02 (Wed) O2 Academy 2, London, UK
2015/12/03 (Thu) Maschinenhaus, Berlin, Germany
2015/12/05 (Sat) Technikum, Munich, Germany
2015/12/07 (Mon) Moscow Hall, Moscow, Russia
2015/12/08 (Tue) Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

Release Date: 2015/12/06 (Wed)
01. SICK'S
02. Yurikago
03. JUICY (Bonus Track)

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