INTERVIEW: Shinya (DIR EN GREY) @ Anime Expo 2015

Back in July, rockstar drummer of DIR EN GREY, Shinya, graced the catwalk at Anime Expo 2015 to showcase the latest collection of h.NAOTO. VKH Press had the honor of interviewing him right before his cross-over into the fashion world as a model. Check it out!

VKH:  Congratulations on your modeling debut! What are you looking forward to the most?

Shinya: Not only am I excited for modelling for the show, but since this is also my first time participating in an anime convention I’m very excited for that too. On the way here, I actually came through the Exhibition Hall. I was looking around to see and get the feel of it. I like the atmosphere.

VKH: How do you feel about being able to interact with your fans on a more intimate level (through panels and autographing sessions) than when you’re touring?

Shinya: I do agree that the only times I’ve been here are for the lives, and the only opportunity I get to be presented and receive reactions is through the stage. However, this time I’m looking for their reactions through the panels and autograph sessions. I’m very excited about that.

VKH: How did you and Hirooka Naoto meet?

Shinya: We’ve always had mutual connections through musicians and fashion people. We also have only had mutual acquaintances up until last year, which is when we collaborated and Naoto designed my costume.* That was the biggest opportunity for us to get to know each other.

*Note: h.NAOTO designed costumes for Shinya during HALLOWEEN PARTY during his participation in HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA.

VKH: Would you consider having him design your future costumes or outfits, if possible?

Shinya: I’ve actually requested personally for the costumes. You might be able to see them in the fashion show.

VKH: How do you think fashion and music work together or influence each other?

Shinya: I was initially inspired by X Japan. As we know, X Japan comes with both fashion and music. There’s a lot of movement for both their music and fashion. That’s what has been the very center of my inspiration to continue as a band member, myself. They’re inseparable, fashion and music.

VKH: What do you think makes Japanese fashion brands unique compared to American or European brands?

Shinya:  I believe, not in only fashion, but in art or music as well, they have the spirit of expertise. So, they do it to the max. When they do it, it’s never compromised and they’re very detailed. You can also find that in Japanese fashion. That’s what makes them unique.

VKH: Do you intend to do any other modeling projects after this show or is this a one-time only event?

Shinya: For now, this is the only confirmed event for the time being, but I’ll have to see because I’ll have to experience it first. If I get too nervous, I might not do it again too soon. However, I’m very hopeful and I want to take the offer if there are more opportunities to come.

VKH: During your performances with DIR EN GREY you’re usually behind the drumsets and people can’t really see you, but on the runway you’ll be in the spotlight. How do you feel about being the main focus for the audience?

Shinya: I fully understand my circumstances as a drummer. And in lives, it’s actually embarrassing for me to go toward the spotlight. For this show, I fully understand the role of a fashion model, so I would like to fully enjoy the attention I will get in the spotlight.

VKH: Do you have any future plans that you would like to share?

Shinya: For the overseas attendees, our live in Mexico in November has just been confirmed, and that’s one thing I’d like to share with the fans.

VKH: I’m sure your fans in America would want to see you soon, as well.

Shinya: I’m planning to come back as soon I can.

VKH: Thank you so much for taking the time off your busy schedule to talk to us! Is there anything you would like to say to your fans as the musician and the fashion model that you are?

Shinya: As a musician, I have plans to come back as soon I can and to America, as well. As a model, I would like to do something as soon as next year if the opportunity allows me.

Special thanks to Shinya for taking the time to answer our questions and to ViSULOG and Anime Expo for making this interview possible! And thanks to them, we also are excited to hold a GIVEAWAY of SHINYA's AUTOGRAPH! Check it out RaffleCopter giveaway:

It was also announced that DIR EN GREY just finished their  North American Tour this fall! Check back in soon for our interview with Kaoru during their New York concert along with a live report!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. It's so great to see more Japanese artists being able to come to America. I'm so happy for Shinya! He seems to have had lots of fun :D

  2. Great interview! Its nice to see Shinya branching outside of music! I hope he continues modeling and goes to more conventions in the future! Im sure fans would love to see him and meet him!

  3. I got to see him at the fashion show and it was so cool! I hope he does modeling again in the future, maybe he can work with more clothing brands too ^^

  4. NIce to here him expand beyond the drum set. <3

  5. It's nice that Shinya is getting to be out in the spotlight all by himself. I am sure he will get experience from the fashion world. I am looking forward to Dir en Grey coming to America also! :)

  6. He is just awesome, a skillfull drummer and very beautiful. Didn't see hin live on anime expo but enjoyed the pictures.

  7. I was very excited to see h.Naoto collaboration, I hope they do more work together in the future!

  8. I hope he comes back to attend more conventions. ^_^

  9. Thanks for this interview! I saw him at the Chicago Dir en grey show, and he wore the white H Naoto shirt he modeled at the fashion show. I wish he wasn't embarrassed to appear in the spotlight after a concert; he deserves lots of attention for his drumming skills too!

  10. I hope to see more collaborations between Shinya and h.NAOTO in the future!

  11. I wish I could have been there

  12. I really wish I could have been there but it was nice to hear so many great things from the people who went and see all the lovely pictures~ If there is a next time, I hope I'm able to attend.

  13. He seemed so humble about it all. Hopefully it went well for him. I would love to see him personally as a model :)

  14. He seemed so humble about it all. Hopefully it went well for him. I would love to see him personally as a model :)

  15. I'm glad that all the members of DIR EN GREY get caught up in sideprojects and still continute with DEG. Kyo with sukekiyo, Die with DECAYS, Toshiya with his clothing brand, Kaoru with his books and whatsoever and finally Shinya with this.

  16. Sincerely wish I had been there, would have been so awesome!

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