INTERVIEW: MeteoroiD Before Their U.S. Debut

MeteoroiD has just announced their upcoming U.S. debut at Tokyo in Tulsa! In anticipation of this debut, we interviewed the band to discuss their thoughts and expectations for this big step in their career. 

VKH: Congratulations on your upcoming U.S. debut! What have been some of your thoughts as you prepare for your first overseas performance?

Genki: I’m just thinking that I’m so happy we can finally deliver MeteoroiD’s live sound to the fans.

Mikado: Since it’s been our dream for some time I’m ecstatic :)

Machi: I’ve been imagining lots of various scenarios but I don’t have any actual feelings as yet. 
raL: At any rate I’m happy!

Tomoya: Everyday I’m counting down towards our America show and looking forward to what kind of motivation we’ll receive.

VKH: Have you ever visited America on your own before? If so, what were you doing? If not, what is something you look forward to doing or seeing?

Genki: I haven’t been as of yet. I wanna eat lots of meat!!

Mikado: Nope. (I’d like to experience the huge “American sizes”!)

Machi: I went to Los Angeles in a dream~. I had a good time there. 

raL: Not yet! I want to walk through the streets and go shopping!

Tomoya: Not yet! I’m looking forward to feeling what kind of atmosphere and climate it’ll be.

VKH: Aside from the concert, what are you looking forward to the most?

Genki: Everything!!

Mikado: The huge sizes (laugh)

Machi: The atmosphere, scenery and such. It’s going to be my first experience in general so I’m looking forward to everything. 

raL: The town scenery!

Tomoya: The scenery and shopping.
VKH: Which of your songs do you believe will get the best reaction from an American audience?

Genki: racrimosa

Mikado: I guess 脈時計 (myaku tokei) :)


raL: 呪殺 (noroi ya)

Tomoya: この愛を手放せば自由だろう (kono ai wo tebanaseba jiyuu darou)

VKH: Guitarist Mikado is the newest member of the band. How did you get to know him? 

Machi: He was introduced to us by Mr. Hashimoto (Shibuya REX manager).
VKH: What made you decide he should be part of the band?

Tomoya: When we talked, we realized we had mutual goals, visions and things like that, so we thought it would be better if we fought for those goals together!

VKH: Mikado, how did you feel when you played live with them for the very first time?

Mikado: There was extraordinary pressure, but somehow I ended up having fun (laugh)

Since we last interviewed you, MeteoroiD has gone through some major changes. For those who are curious about your new concept, and those who do not know you, would you please describe your current music and style?

Machi: Beyond our October 10th live, I think we’ve finally found a real concept as “MeteoroiD”. If we could condense our music style, songs, worldview and who we are on stage into one word, it would be “non-fiction”. This is exactly who we are.

VKH: What kind of impression are you hoping to leave on your audience in the U.S.?

Genki: Deeply moving!

Mikado: I want the American listeners to see a cool guitarist :)

Machi: The shape of Visual Kei, its beauty, its intensity, everything!

raL: Excitement!

Tomoya: I want to show them MeteoroiD-style intensity, beauty and fun ♪

If you were to do a U.S. tour in the future, what band(s) would you like to perform with and why?

Genki: METALLICA and MOTLEY CRUE because they’re cool.

Mikado: Avenged Sevenfold. They’re my favorite band in the whole world :) The west coast is the best!

Machi: Marilyn Manson. Because his was the first non-Japanese artist I bought. 

raL: VAMPS! L’Arc-en-Ciel! If we did a live together overseas, that would be amazing!

Tomoya: I have my individual dreams, but I guess I want to receive encouragement to work with foreign bands!

VKH: What can the fans expect to see from you?

Genki: I want to show them the best rock show 

Mikado: Ecstacy :)

Machi: Music! I want them to look forward to our music that is like our weapon.

raL: Excitement!

Tomoya: Their ears, minds and hearts will experience the music and songs that only MeteoroiD can play ♪

VKH: Since you are going to be debuting at an anime convention, what are some of your favorite anime?

Genki: Naruto

Mikado: Y.A.I.B.A

Machi: Hunter x Hunter

raL: Rurouni Kenshin

Tomoya: Attack on Titan
VKH: Thank you for your time! Would you please send a message to your fans and our readers? 
Genki: I’m looking forward to meeting you in person

Mikado: I’m really ecstatic that we get to release our sound on American soil. :) Let’s cross over international borders and become one

Machi: Thank you for always saying supportive words on twitter and in fanmail. Getting to travel overseas is a rare opportunity so I’m extremely excited. Please come to see us. 

raL: Thanks for everything! I’m looking forward to meeting you!!

Tomoya: We can finally meet! I’m really grateful to you for always supporting us! That’s why this time we’ll return the favor by giving you a show!!

Special thanks to MeteoroiD, their management and Marinovich PR for making this interview possible!
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  1. It's really cool to have you guys out here! Can't wait to rock out!* Thanks.*

  2. The smiley-face in Mikado's answers is so adorable XD