FASHION: Shouya's (DIAURA) Fashion Brand "theVICIOUS"

Bassist Shouya from DIAURA recently started his ventures into the fashion world. He is the producer of his new brand call theVICIOUS. The brand's 'philosophy' is that its to "FUCK THE OPERATE ROCK" in which it is further explained below by Shouya after trying on these styles (credit to Robin Alan for translating):
For example, putting on these clothes sent an electric shock through me, as if it was the first time I ever thought I was cool. With just this fashion in hand, [I/we] are in the pursuit of that initial impulse/rage.
This past October, the brand launched its official site and store. The clothes have a style that is influenced from punk rock such as the legendary Sex Pistols, but with a more casual look that involves just wearing simple accessories to bring out the outfit, while looking cool. Black, white, and red is the primary trio of colors used in the clothes, with black and white being universal and versatile colors that can help with matching and pairing.

Below are some of the 2015 A/W collection that personally stand out, with Shouya himself as the model:

[LOOK 1]


[LOOK 2]


[LOOK 3]


You can check out the other products by looking at the full product list on theVICIOUS OHP.

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