Misaruka - 2nd press of live DVD announced

Great news for Misaruka fans! They just announced the other day that they will be issuing a second pressing of their latest live DVD, 2015.08.27 Shinjuku ReNY -The world of 13-, due to it selling out within a couple of days after its initial release. This version has all the performances from their 4-city tour finale, as well as a bonus disc featuring short interviews with each member. The DVD will be available online, at live venues, at at Closet Child locations, starting November 1st.

2015.08.27 Shinjuku ReNY -The world of 13-
Starwave Records (SWMRD-17B)

disc 1
01. -Rogation-
02. -Calling-
03. -Curse Of Contract-
04. -柘榴-
05. -夏の終わりに見た夢を-
06. -Unecceptable-
07. -この桜が舞い散ってゆく頃に-
08. -The Butterfly Effect-
09. -Juliet-
10. -Last Scene-
11. -Separate-
12. -Sin-
13. -Violet-
14. -Rosary-
15. -Jester-
16. -Ariel-

disc 2
members' short interviews

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Source: Starwave Records PR via email
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