Introducing: #ロストワールド (Lost World)

L to R: Gt. REA, Vo. Pino, Ds. Ryose, Ba. Cocoro, Gt. waka
Today, we are introducing you to a new band called #ロストワールド (Lost World)! The band is made up of 5 members. Below are the members:

Vo. ピノ (Pino)

Gt. waka (ex. Emu.)

Gt. REA (ex. F1rst MiX's)

Ba. こころ (Cocoro, ex. F1rst MiX's)

Dr. 綾聖 (Ryose, ex. MEL)

On December 5, they will have their first formal live. It is titled as "幻想前夜祭-ファンタヂック・イヴ-"  and it will take place at Shinjuku RUIDO K4.

In addition, the band is already working on their debut release! Announced recently on their official blog, the release will be a mini-album (dubbed as their 0th mini-album) called Gensou Sekai Chizu (幻想世界地図).  It will be on sale December 5 and will contain 7 total tracks. It will cost 2500 yen. Below is the track-listing:

Gensou Sekai Chizu 
00. #ファンタヂア (Fantasia)
01. ぱらゐぞ (Paraiso)
02. 絶頂氷菓 (Zecchou Hyouka)-I Scream in G-
03. ガイコツを探す人 (Gaikotsu wo Sagasu Hito)
04. snowflake
06. ビードロ (Vidro)

In case you can't wait to hear the band, you don't have to worry! Lost World already released their 1st full MV for their song "LOST WORLD ORDER" and a preview to the mini-album as well. You can listen to both below to hear what this band is about:

REA's Official Twitter
Cocoro's Official Twitter
Pino's Official Twitter
Ryose's Official Twitter
waka's Official Twitter
Official Blog
Official YouTube
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