INTERVIEW: Kazuha Oda (Kazha) on "Evolution"

This year, VKH had the chance to talk to Kazuha Oda, founder, singer and bassist of the band Kazha. Having released their album Evolution, we ask her about the theme behind the band's music, the influences behind the band's unique sounds, and what made her want to work with a band as opposed to working as a solo artist!

VKH: What is Kazha’s music generally about?

Kazuha Oda: Life itself. Mainly about people's feelings.

VKH: What was the theme behind your recent album "EVOLUTION?"

Kazuha Oda: The theme is connected to the one of the first album. There is a person who is unconscious and deep in a dream, but his/her mind is wide awake. I'm planning on releasing music videos to reveal the story behind so until then I can't tell you too much detail. But it's like... As a human being, you are never alone, but you will die alone. We all will die alone, but our souls may live together.

VKH: Is there any possibility of “Reincarnation” in the theme or is it mostly the idea of self-awareness and spiritual presence?

Kazuha Oda: Yes, Reincarnation might be a good explanation of some of the songs, especially "Believe".

VKH: What made you want to pursue a career singing in a band?

Kazuha Oda: Having my own band was my goal as a singer. Being a solo singer is good, but for me, working with other people and pursuing a goal together is the best. I can't build an empire all by myself.

VKH: Does the band allow you to experiment more than when you are solo?

Kazuha Oda: Yes, so many things I couldn't learn when I was solo.

VKH: After experimenting with so many genres, why rock music?

Kazuha Oda: Being a rock singer has always been my dream from when I was a kid, and I started voice training because of that. But I was still a kid so I was trained my parents' wishes. (laughs) Being trained classically gave me a lot of valuable singing skills, so I got singing job offers from different kinds of genres. All of it was for my career as a singer, in other words... to make a living. However, now I am finally able to concentrate on what I've always wanted to do.

VKH: It appears that your music gets heavier over time. Why is that?

Kazuha Oda: It's interesting that some people actually says that it's getting heavier, but some say otherwise. I guess it really depends on the song, but guitarist Hideki and I are big fans of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, and so we usually describe ourselves as "in between Rock and Metal." Anyway, I believe that we need to keep evolving, and so I'm sure that our sound will grow (keep evolving) as time goes by.

VKH: What bands influence Kazha’s unique sound?

Kazuha Oda: I guess it's not from any specific band, because we're all influenced by different genres including classical, pop, rock, metal, experimental, etc. and I guess all of that music made our sound.
I especially grew up listening to so many different artists, and bands, and it is not easy for me to pick only a certain few.

VKH: Have you ever had the chance to perform outside of the U.S. or Japan? If not, then where would you like to perform as Kazha?

Kazuha Oda: Yes, we've been to Korea, The Netherlands, Mexico... Oh, I would love to go to Germany and Italy... EVERYWHERE!

VKH: What is it that you mostly play at festivals and conventions?

Kazuha Oda: "Wake Up," "Believe," "Another Day," "Give It Away," "Breathe Through Your Dreams," "Wake Me Up," "You Became The Light," "Frozen," "Tomorrow."

VKH: Which song does the audience seem to enjoy or respond to the most?

Kazuha Oda: "Wake Me Up."

VKH: What is your fondest memory with Kazha?

Kazuha Oda: There are so many good memories, so it's too hard to choose one. I guess our best moments are whenever we meet our fans.

VKH: What do you like to do in your free time?

Kazuha Oda: Sleeping! Besides sleeping, watching movies is fun, but definitely sleeping!

VKH: What are some of your favorite movie genres or movies in general?

Kazuha Oda: Action and drama are my favorite genres.

VKH: Is there something about you that your fans may not know?

Kazuha Oda: I used to do theater, but I was the male (boy) cast. In real life, people couldn't tell whether I was a boy or a girl! The reason I keep my hair long now is to look "girly" because I'm the only girl in a band.

VKH: Do you have any future plans that you would like to share?

Kazuha Oda: Hideki and I will be in a movie as the main cast! and filming in Memphis.
And we (Kazha) will locate in Memphis until 2017 and tour around the world from there.
Everything else is still secret but please keep an eye on our website for updates.

VKH: Thank you for your time! Would you please send a message to your fans and our readers?

Kazuha Oda: Our musical adventure has its ups and downs, but we will keep moving forward.
Please support us and spread the word about us if you like our music...or not! Thank you so much.

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