REVIEW: MeteoroiD - Torikago no Sarasouju wa Shika no Hana

Although MeteoroiD has been around for three years, they have gone through a decent amount of stylistic changes in terms of member line-up as well as a subtle name change. They debuted in 2012 and in 2013 they released their first single DIVER under the name METEOROID. It wasn't until after Yutori departed the band in 2014 that they changed the style of their name to appear more unique. That being said their latest single, which dropped earlier this month, is called Torikago no Sarasouju wa Shika no Hana and is the band's 4th single with the new line-up and 8th single overall.

1) 鳥籠ノ沙羅双樹ハ死華ノ花 (Torikago no Sarasouju wa Shika no Hana)
2) 脈時計 (Myaku Tokei)

The single is not particularly long, the entire release lasting about nine minutes. However, the actual content packs a huge punch. The title track, "Torikago no Sarasouju wa Shika no Hana" already shows immense improvement over previous releases that lacked a certain "je ne sais quois." Previous releases lacked the "wow factor." The production value alone on this song is impressive, it's loud and in-your-face, and blatantly unapologetic in its heavy metal composition. The other really outstanding aspect to this song is Genki's falsetto that is criminally absent in the visual rock scene as a whole. Additionally, the single doesn't get wrapped up in typical heavy metal tropes like pointlessly heavy vocals. The song is well composed overall, well sung, and well produced.

The b-side to "Torikago..." is "Myaku Tokei" and may actually be the better of the two songs depending on what you're in the mood for. "Torikago" almost seems like a power ballad at times but the follow up is the total opposite. "Myaku" is incredibly high energy with a large focus on the rhythm and keeping up a steady momentum without changing gears too many times or using too many elements in one song. The guitar solo around the 2:50 mark is absolutely excellent and proves skill rather than boasts about it. In essence, this is a great single to check out first if you really want to become a fan.

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