OFF-TOPIC: Bands Entertaining Their Fans on Youtube

Many visual bands nowadays have an own youtube channel to promote their music by uploading song samples, comments, previews or even full music videos. In most of the cases, this is their channel's only purpose, however, there are a few exceptions: Some labels and bands sometimes grab their own cameras to record themselves doing funny challenges, showing you around backstage or talking about all kinds of things while wearing no make-up or elaborate costumes.

Of course, most of those videos are in Japanese, but nevertheless there are bands that definitely won't fail to make you smile and laugh despite the language gap.
Below, you can find little introductions of four channels of bands and labels doing a good job to entertain their youtube audience with their self-made videos. Have fun watching!

1. Resistar Records sending their bands back to school (Blu-BiLLioN, DOGinThePWO, BugLug)

Resistar Records are testing their band's basic knowledge for the third year already. All members of Blu-BiLLioN, DOGinThePWO and BugLug have to take a test and solve exercises in kanji reading, history, translating sentences from Japanese to English and so on.
The funniest answers are being displayed on a screen after the test is over and at the very end the scores of all participants will be published revealing who did fine and who has had his difficulties with the selected questions.
Moreover, former CindyKate vocalist Yuui is taking part as a special guest this time, so make sure you don't miss an episode of this year's season!

Resistar Records Channel Link

2. Faze and their hilarious challenges

The members of visual band Faze are often uploading challenge videos. All five of them are competing against each other and trying to be best at eating contests, guessing the right brand of water and coffee drinks or recognizing songs played on guitar. Of course, there are some other videos as well, for example of them doing karaoke, telling each other ghost stories or trying to drink coke while eating Mentos.
All of those are definitely a lot of fun to watch, so keep their channel in mind if you're ever looking for something to cheer your mood up!

Faze Official Channel Link

3. ∞entertainment-Ash- are taking you with them

In their most recent video ∞entertainment-Ash- are taking you with them to a festival and show you what they bought and did there. They have similar videos too, so please take a look!
Moreover, you can also find choreography videos, as well as talk show like ones on their channel.

∞entertainment-Ash- Channel Link

4. Going backstage with WeZ

WeZ are regularly uploading videos of their live performances. You can see parts of their show and the band is taking you backstage too, so you are able to watch them going to live houses, doing their make-up and hair, doing rehearsals and so on. You should definitely check out their videos if you always wanted to know what's going on behind the scenes!

WeZ Channel Link

Of course, there are many more bands uploading videos like the ones mentioned above. If you know similar channels, why don't you share them with us in the comments?
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  1. The channel from B.P.RECORDS is called BandsaidYT and they have a lot of funny videos, also a back to school one. Definitely worth checking out.
    Euclidinternational also has some fun videos, which include translated interviews with a lot of visual kei artists.