LOKA Losing One Member

A few weeks ago, LOKA had to publish very sad news:
Bassist Katsumi will be leaving the band after their performance on September 28th at Shinjuku Loft due to personal reasons.
His, as well as the band's announcement have been published in English too.

The band's message:

Dear all LOKA Fans.

This is hard but we are very sorry to announce you that Katsumi will be leaving LOKA due to his personal circumstances. LOKA Live at Shinjuku Loft 9/28 will be his last gig with LOKA.

We hope that Katsumi will be successful in the new path that he has chosen, and whatever happens, he will always be a brother for LOKA.

We hope that all the fans also support him with his new choice.

Thank you very much.

Cross the Limit, Inc.

Katsumi's message:

Hello guys, this is Katsumi speaking.

When I first met LOKA back at 2013, after being away from being in the band for 7 years, I thought that I'd finally have intention to be a part of a band again. When I finally joined as a member, it made me excited with my ways in music. I found best friends, brother, a family. Soon as i joined, we suddenly began going overseas and met a lot of new experiences performing in foreign countries. I was very happy, and I felt that I finally find my right way in music.

But unfortunately, things didn’t always go as how we wanted it.

I am very sorry to announce that due to my personal circumstances, I will be leaving LOKA officially.
Show at Shinjuku Loft on 9/28 will be my last gig with LOKA, and will be my farewell to LOKA’s fans that always gave me their biggest support.

However, I will still be involved in LOKA's next production. If it will ever come out in a form of some kind, this will be my last work with LOKA and will hopefully be my legacy that I WAS a part of LOKA.

I want to say thank you to everyone that always supported me with LOKA. To all the staff, friends, and importantly, to all LOKA fans all over the world. From the deepest of my heart, thank you very much.

Even though my time in LOKA was short, I really appreciate my time with LOKA. It became a big part of my life, and always will be even after I am no longer a part of the band. My biggest support will always be for my brothers in LOKA.

We wish him and LOKA good luck for their future!

Source: OHP
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