LIPHLICH - New Live DVD Release + Spot

LIPHLICH have announced another new release which should be interesting for everyone who hasn't seen them live yet especially!
The regular edition of their live DVD entitled 2015.5.10「Use My illusion I」at Theatre 1010 will be available on November 11th for 6000 yen. There is going to be a venue limited edition too which can be purchased at their live on November 3rd at Urawa Narcisse for the same price. Compared to the regular edition this one also includes the encore and the songs are uncut. Since September 18th you are also able to reserve your copy at their performances. If you do so, you will get the Use My illusion I off-shot DVD in addition.

The DVD incudes LIPHLICH's performance of May 10th at Theatre 1010.

2.淫火 (midarabi)
(maslow mansion)
4.ヘンピッグ (henpig)
5.カルトなでしこ (cult nadeshiko)
6.脳裏のドロ (nouri no doro)
7.夢見る星屑 (yumemiru hoshikuzu)
8.慰めにBET (nagusame ni BET)
9.月を食べたらおやすみよ (tsuki o tabe tara oyasumi yo)
11.グロリアバンブー (gloria bamboo)
12.飽聴のデリカテッセン (houchou no delicatessen)
13.ユマニテ (yumanite)

You aren't sure yet if you want to pre-order it? This spot might helps you to decide!

Source: OHP
Video Source: LIPHLICH @Youtube
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