Ikuma Kouji (cune), Makoto (THE BEETHOVEN), SHIGE (ENDLESS) - Special Acoustic Live Event

cune(キューン)is a 3-man rock band formed in 1999. They are signed to Universal music and made their major debut with the single Refrain. The members are Ikuma Kouji (vo&gt), Nakamura Taizo (ba&chorus) and Okita Kimito (dr&chorus). The band went on hiatus in 2006 but the members continued to perform as solo artists and in collaboration live events with other musicians.

ENDLESS vo. Endo Shigekata (SHIGE)

cune's frontman Ikuma Kouji regularly holds acoustic lives called "Acoustic Triangle". This time around, the event "Acoustic Triangle vol.5 ~butterfly effect~" will feature vocalist Makoto from THE BEETHOVEN and vocalist SHIGE from ENDLESS who have performed alongside Ikuma Kouji before.

Up to now, the events have only been held in Tokyo but for the first time, there will also be an event in Kansai entitled "Acoustic Triangle vol.6".

The Tokyo live will be held at a livehouse and the Osaka live will be held at a live hall giving you the chance to enjoy the unique performing styles of each artist in a different way.

In addition, persons who apply for tickets for more than 2 people will also get a premium ticket in commemoration of the event!

For more details on the live and the premium tickets, you can check cune's official site.

cune OHP: http://cune-official.com/
cune Twitter:@cune_info

Live Information:
"Acoustic Triangle vol.5" ~butterfly effect~
2015/10/17 (Sat.)
Open: 12:45
Start: 13:15 
Place: Tokyo Gakugei University APIA40
Tickets: ¥4,200 (adv.) / ¥5,000 (same day) * separate drink fee

"Acoustic Triangle vol.6"~butterfly effect~
2015/10/24 (Sat.)
Venue: Osaka ATC south harbor sunset hall
Tickets: ¥4,000 (adv.) / ¥4,800 (same day)

Performers: Ikuma Kouji, Makoto (THE BEETHOVEN/Kaijin Nijuu Mensou),
Endo Shigekata [SHIGEKATA+ENDO], Piano: TETSU.

Tickets went on sale September 5th.

Source: cune staff, OHP耕治生熊@Youtube

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