THE SOUND BEE HD - Vo. DaISUKE Hospitalized for Ulcerative Colitis

A few days ago, THE SOUND BEE HD shared some shocking news regarding their vocalist DaISUKE. He was hospitalized for a month with ulcerative colitis and had to undergo emergency surgery on July 21st as his condition had worsened. Fortunately, the major surgery was a success, but he remained in the hospital to rest to avoid further complications.

As all of the staff and fans of THE SOUND BEE HD prayed for DaISUKE's speedy recovery for him to return to the stage, the band proceeded to carry out scheduled live shows with the remaining active members: Yuu, YOU, and Hiro.

I came out of the surgery safely! I know everyone is waiting for me, so I'll do my best! (DaISUKE, THE SOUND BEE HD)
At this time, DaISUKE has left the hospital, is in home treatment and is currently rehabilitating to make a comeback.

We hope DaISUKE is able to return to the stage in good health very soon! You can check out the band's official post on Facebook below:

Thank you for supporting THE SOUND BEE HD.We want to let our supporters know that DaISUKE was hospitalized for a month...
Posted by THE SOUND BEE HD official on 2015年8月21日

Source: THE SOUND BEE HD Official Facebook
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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery, DalSUKE.