Introducing: Lucifer's underground

This year, a lot of new and interesting bands are debuting.
And one of them is definitely Lucifer's underground! They started activities in March 2015.
Their first and only release so far has been a mini-album entitled 不実なアンブレラ (fujitsu na umbrella). It's available since March 4th and costs 2180 yen.

You can listen to samples of their first songs here:

Moreover, you might know some of the members already since most of them have been in rather well-known bands before:

Vocalist Hina
 (ex.AZALEA, ex.サリー (sally), ex.SCHELLEN, ex.CHELSEA, ex.hurts, ex.Schwein)

Guitarist Maki
(ex.AZALEA, ex.Mebius, ex.hurts, ex.Lamina, ex.侍待 (samurai machi), ex.UNDEAD)

Guitarist toki
(ex.Rosalie, ex.GAIN01)

Bassist Yuuri
(ex.Secile, ex.ジャガー (jaguar), ex.chariots, ex.Cu[be])

Drummer Atsuki
(ex.Minerva, ex.Cu[be])

Lucifer's underground links:
Official Youtube Channel
Official Twitter

Source: vkdb, Members' Official Twitter Accounts, OHP
Video Source: Lucifer' s underground @Youtube
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