Introducing: KEEL

(Photo: [R to L] ds. Tomoi, ba. ShuU, vo. ryo, gt. aie)
On August 7th, KEEL will take the stage for the first time since their one-show debut in 2013, this time releasing an album along with a three stop tour. This group includes familiar faces in the rock industry, with their lineup consisting of:

Vocals: ryo (HOLLOWGRAM, ex-9Goats Black Out, TAG)
Guitar: aie (the god and death stars, highfashionparalyze, THE MADCAP LAUGHS, )
Bass: ShuU (girugamesh)
Drums: Tomoi (C4)

The 5-track album, Cthulhu, will only be available for sale at their live events, but a preview is already featured on KEEL's official YouTube channel.

1. Needle
2. Water lilies
3. 禍人
4. Parade
5. 腐肉と果実
6. Siren

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