(Photo: [L to R] Ds. Shizuki, Vo. Kenzi, Ba. Ruiji, Gt. Shogo) 
Last month, to celebrate Fashion and Music shop Xenon LA's first anniversary, NAMELES Group organized Vnited Music Festival, bringing over a number of legendary acts from Japan. VKH had the pleasure of interviewing the legendary band ANTI FEMINISM. The band talks about their visit to Los Angeles, their participation in Vnited Music Fest, and more! Check it out:

VKH: You’re celebrating your 30th Anniversary this year! What do you think has changed about you musically since your debut and what do you think has stayed the same?

Kenzi: Nothing had really changed. Emotionally and mentally, it’s been the same since I was 20, when I first started playing in a band.  The only thing that may have changed is the depth of the sound in the recordings and music. I don’t like to make things as "a work," so I can enjoy and have fun with it since that keeps me more relaxed to work on things without pressure. I’ve been like that since I began with my old band, and now.

VKH: Having been around the music scene for a few decades, what changes have you noticed in visual kei and the rock scene from when you first began?

Kenzi: When I started off, none of us wanted to be normal people, and instead wanted to become something we desired and expressed through our fashion and style, which became visual kei. Everyone was more “Sharp” and “Aggressive”, and were actually really battling with music and others so that they could live in the scene and be remembered. Now I kind of see it as an "idol manufacturing," where it's all about the looks.

VKH: For people who don’t know very music about you, how would you describe your music to them?

Kenzi:  "STRESS FREE."



Ruiji: IT'S GO GO!

VKH: What is the concept behind ANTIFEMINISM?

Kenzi:  Simple. It’s just to have fun and enjoy together. All the members and audience.

VKH: Being involved in this scene for so long, there must be something that keeps you interested. What is it about visual kei that intrigues you?

Kenzi:  I just really like standing on the stage. That’s pretty much it. And not that I want to become an influence to all the people on stage, I like to just enjoy playing/doing a show on stage!

VKH: You’re well-known for your “Mad Performances.” What sort of “Mad Performance” would the audience be experiencing during Vnited Music Fest?

Kenzi: Well.. I was in my underwear and someone uploaded that on Youtube, so I did a world debut in vision in my underwear. (laughs) We wanted to express something and leave a strong image on everyone since it's an anniversary year, so we all dressed up in wedding dresses. We were also to surprise everyone by playing our eternal friend hide-chan’s song “Ever Free.”

VKH: You were last in America in 2007. What are some things you have missed from the U.S. over the last 8 years?

Ruiji: The scenery of Hollywood and the big towns.

Shizuki: Zombies! (Skid Row)

Shogo: Food. Like… PIZZA!!

Kenzi: Melrose and all the stores there. Shops in LA. I really missed my friends and family over hear in Los Angeles as well. We went to a Rock Bar in Hollywood called the “Rainbow” this time.

VKH: What was your first experience as a musician like and when or how did you decide to pursue music?

Kenzi: It was when I first saw a real live stage. It was a great shock to me, and felt this excitement. I still can’t forget that time. I love the stage, it kept me going.

Shizuki: If I was by myself I wouldn't have been in a band, but since people around me were, I did it!

Shogo: I'm the same as Shizuki.

Ruiji: The first time I played in a band. That big sound and the shock that came out of those amps.

VKH: If you hadn’t become musicians, what would you probably be now?

Kenzi: Probably would have been helping my parents' job and living as a regular person.

Ruiji: Fisherman?

Shogo: A normal salary man

Shizuki: A Soldier! With a sniper. (laughs)

VKH: What did you always want to become when you were a child?

Kenzi: I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer. I love making people laugh and making them happy.

Ruiji: Craftsman.

Shogo: An adult.

Shizuki: GOD!

VKH: Do you have any future plans that you would like to share?

Kenzi: In August we will be releasing a Mix album called “Mad of Pain.” Our music will be available online and digitally as well, which is a first for us. There will also be many, and I mean many more shows in Japan. If we have the chance, I would definitely want to play in a music festival in the states or other part of the world! Let us know!

VKH: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions! Would you please send a message to your fans and our readers?

Shizuki: I will be doing my best as always and working hard on being able to eat more spicy food! (laughs)

Shogo:  Please support us and watch me, all ladies in the states, for my hot blow kisses.

Ruiji: Hi- I really like wine.

Kenzi: I would love to come back to the states and meet each and everyone of you soon as possible. At that time, Let’s Play Hard Together Again!!

Special thanks to ANTI FEMINISM for their time, and Japan Culture Creation Inc. for making this interview possible!
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