Toshiya (DIR EN GREY) Releases Fashion Brand [DIRT 100% Natural Dirty]

DIRT 100% Natural Dirty
It seems that DIR EN GREY has been pretty busy lately. With their upcoming North American tour this year and vocalist Kyo's new poetry book, bassist Toshiya will join drummer Shinya in the fashion world (as he debuted as a fashion model in Anime Expo 2015) by releasing his own fashion line! Read on for the official details released by the official Facebook page:

DIR EN GREY’s Toshiya announce the launch of his new brand「DIRT 100% Natural Dirty 
Toshiya announce the launch of his new brand "DIRT 100% Natural Dirty". Not only will he be the bassist for DIR EN GREY, but now he will start his career in fashion as the creative director for his brand "DIRT 100% Natural Dirty". 
From casual to mode, his clothing line all in unisex will focus on the “daily wear” as he will design everyday life apparel and interior goods to give you a glimpse of his unique and original lifestyle design. 
To celebrate the grand opening of his official site and online shop, Toshiya has designed a simple yet eccentric Big T-shirt, 2 Standard T-Shirts (DIRT‘s original t shirt body) and a sliver beads ring all available for pre-order.

DIRT 100% Natural Dirty
[Official Site] 
Information taken from here.

Yup, the brand only has three shirts and a ring up on the site. 
DIRT 100% Natural Dirty
The style is laid back yet edgy. I can definitely see these suiting both sexes.

And what a treat for the fans because Toshiya, himself, is modeling for brand.
DIR EN GREY - TOSHIYA - DIRT 100% Natural Dirty
DIR EN GREY - TOSHIYA - DIRT 100% Natural Dirty
Doesn't the clothes and the man himself look good? I think so!

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