Syokudaikakkokai - 2nd Maxi-Single "Kimi o Kaden ni Shite Ageru" Release + Spot

"So that even if I stood frozen yesterday, I can stand up today..." 

Being described as to look "no more than your everyday behind-the-times salary-man" with white face paint, Syokudaikakkokai  is coming back to release their 2nd maxi-single this summer! The maxi-single is titled Kimi o Kaden ni Shite Ageru (I'll Make You an Appliance) and will hit stores on August 26. 

This single will mark the band's come back from their earlier release from last summer, Kagurazaka EXPLOSION. The single will cover the theme of "sobbing corporate slaves and sneering brutes" that will help surpass their earlier works.

The single will be distributed via Starwave Records for 1296 yen (tax included). It will have 1 CD with a total of 5 tracks. Below is the track-listing:

Kimi o Kaden ni Shite Ageru (I'll Make You an Appliance)
01. Tobiorita boku wa terebitou ni tsukisasaru
02. Reizouko no nakade…
03. Omaemo kaden ni shiteyarouka
04. Kimi wo kaden ni shiteageru
05. Akumano Kajitsu

The band also revealed the spot for the single:

Source: Kiwamu via Email
Thanks for the email, Kiwamu!
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