Starwave Records to Release "Starwave Records Vol.4"

To celebrate their 5th anniversary of their founding, music label Starwave Records announced that they will be releasing their 4th omnibus DVD. It will be called Starwave Records Vol.4 and it will be on sale for pre-sale at venues starting August 7, and in stores September 9.

The release will feature music videos from their 11 artists currently signed on the label. It will cost 3400 yen and it will have a limited run of 1000 copies. You can order your copy online at their official web-shop here.

Below is the track-listing:

Starwave Records Vol.4
01. Synk;yet / Messiah
02. Misaruka / -The butterfly effect-
03. Tokami / Luminescence
05. Scarlet Valse / Story
06. Calmando Qual / Nega x Nega x Nega
07. Magistina Saga / Invisible wall
08. LIV’ERT / Black Out
09. Syokudaikakkokai / Kagurazaka EXPLOSION
10.  nüe / Siren
11. MAJOLICA / Gokusai

In addition, the record company will be holding 2 release parties in August, both at Ikebukuro EDGE with various artists participating:

August 7 - Starwave Fest Vol.11
August 8 - Starwave Fest Vol.12

Source: Kiwamu via Email
Thanks for the email, Kiwamu!
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