New Record Label ROCKSTAR RECORDS + The Label's Bands

Today, we have some really great and interesting news for you:
On July 1st, a new visual record label called ROCKSTAR RECORDS has been launched!
Five out of six bands that are signed to it are fairly new ones. Details about them can be found below.
The sixth band is アヴァンチック (Avanchick). They officially joined RR today.

Check out the label's official pages:

RR Facebook
RR Twitter
RR Official Blog
RR Official Youtube Channel

And those are RR's bands:
アヴァンチック (Avanchick)

アヴァンチック (Avanchick) already debuted back in 2014. You can find news about them here!


Dear will hold their first live on July 21st at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU.
All members are former members of band TRaiL:

Vocalist Takeru - Twitter
Guitarist Kou - Twitter
Guitarist Aki - Twitter
Drummer Rinta - Twitter

Dear OHP
Dear Official Twitter
Dear Official Blog

メアリィ (Meary)

The band's first official live will be held on August 11th. Before, they are still performing as 暫定的計画「メンヘライズム」 (zanteiteki keikaku "menheraism").
Members are:

Vocalist Toki - Twitter
Guitarist Lyoka (ex.Placebo) - Twitter
Bassist Reona. (ex.Dianslave) - Twitter
Drummer Hiro (ex.ReivieЯ) - Twitter

Meary OHP
Meary Official Twitter
Meary Official Blog

ベティ (Betty)

The next band is ベティ (Betty). They will have their first performance on July 12th at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3.
Once again you might see some familiar faces:

Vocalist Kiryu (ex.BLACKJACK) - Twitter
Guitarist Akito (ex.LIPHLICH) - Twitter
Guitarist Rune (ex.Gimmick) - Twitter
Bassist kotty - Twitter

Betty OHP
Betty Official Twitter
Betty Official Blog


THE EGOIST will be starting their activities with their live on July 10th at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU.
The band's members are:

Vocalist Rouis (ex.@NNIVERSARY) - Twitter
Guitarist Setsuna (ex.@NNIVERSARY) - Twitter
Guitarist Akina - Twitter
Bassist Shou (ex.Domestic, ex.LiLiCAL) - Twitter
Drummer Takehiro - Twitter

THE EGOIST Official Twitter
THE EGOIST Official Blog


The last one is DevilKitty. Their first live will be held on July 24th at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU.
Members are:

Vocalist Yuga (ex.GOKIBURI) - Twitter
Guitarist Kazuto (ex.XALTEA, ex.GOKIBURI) - Twitter
Bassist Ruchi (ex.xTRiPx, ex.DOLLARS) - Twitter
Drummer Majyu (ex.Siva, ex.E'm~grief~) - Twitter

DevilKitty OHP
DevilKitty Official Twitter
DevilKitty Official Blog

Moreover, visual kei enka singer TAKASHI is signed to the label as well. You can check out his HP here.

Source: RR OHP, Bands' OHPs, Member Official Twitter Accounts, vkdb
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