Kra - New Album "Tsugi no Monogatari" Announced

Kra recently announced that they will be releasing a new album this fall! The album is called Tsugi no Monogatari (次の物語) and it will be on sale October 14 in 2 types!

The limited edition will cost 3700 yen. It will come with a CD with 9 songs and a DVD with a special movie. The regular edition will cost 3000 yen. It will have just a CD with 10 songs.

In addition, the band will be holding an one-man tour and an event tour to celebrate the release. Below are the dates and stops for each:

Kra TOUR 2015 Tsugi no Monogatari (ツギノモノガタリ )
10/12 (Mon)  Omotesando GROUND
10/17 (Sat) Kashiwa Thumb Up
11/01 (Sun) Kanazawa AZ
11/04 (Wed) Kobe VARIT.
11/08 (Sun) Morioka CLUB CHANGE
11/14 (Sat) Nagoya ell.FITS ALL
11/15 (Sun) Okayama IMAGE
11/21 (Sat) Shizuoka Sunash
12/06 (Sun) Sapporo COLONY
12/13 (Sun) Hakata DRUM Be-1
12/26 (Sat) Shinjuku ReNY

Kra EVENT TOUR 2015 Betsu no Monogatari (ベツノモノガタリ)
10/18 (Sun) Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!!
 [Appearance] Kra / Mix Speaker's,Inc.
10/24 (Sat) HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3
 [Appearance] Kra / Mix Speaker's,Inc.
11/03 (Tue) ESAKA MUSE
 [Appearance] Kra / Mix Speaker's,Inc.
11/10 (Tue) Sendai MACANA
 [Appearance] Kra / Mix Speaker's,Inc.
11/11 (Wed) Koriyama CLUB #9
 [Appearance] Kra / Mix Speaker's,Inc.
11/28 (Sat) Shinjuku LOFT
 [Appearance] Kra / NAOKI / Yamapikaryaa
12/05 (Sat) Sapporo COLONY
 [Appearance] Kra / NAOKI / Yamapikaryaa

So far, that's all the information the band has revealed! We will keep you updated once we know more.

Source: OHP + Official Facebook
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