Introducing: ZON

Left to Right: gt. Mii, vo. Azu#, ba. Takumi, ds. 834
ZON is a new band that recently joined Planet Music Child's family of bands. They are a 4 member band that recently started activities in June. Below are the members:

Vo. Azu#

Gt. Mii

Ba. Takumi

Ds. 834

Already, the band is set to release their debut single in the fall. The single is called Heads up! and it will be on sale September 16. It will come in 2 types. Type A will have a CD with 2 songs and a DVD with the single's MV. It will cost 2160 yen. Type B will just have 1 CD with 3 songs and it will cost 1620 yen. Below is the track-listing:

Heads up! Type A
1.Heads up!
2.monkey clap
1.Heads up! MV

Heads up! Type B
1.Heads up!
2.monkey clap

In addition, the band will participate in their first tour this summer! On August 1 at Shinjuku RUIDO K4, they will have their first live, participating with other bands for labels Planet CHILD Music and Dream Agent's 2015 tour titled Meteoric Swarm. They will continue playing throughout the whole tour. Below is the first live's details:

Planet CHILD Music&Dream Agent Tour 2015
『Meteoric Swarm』
[DATE] August 1, 2015
[VENUE] Shinjuku RUIDO k4
[OPEN / START] 16:00 / 16:30
[ADV / DOOR] ¥3,500 / ¥4,000(1D別)
[TICKETS] e-plus

The rest of the tour's details can be found here.


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