FASHION: Survey for Plus Size Lolitas

Are you a plus size girl who loves lolita fashion?  If so, this survey is for you!

As Gothic and Lolita fashion becomes more popular and accessible outside of Japan, designers are taking notice. However when the average women’s size in the US is a size 12-14 and an average dress from a top Japanese lolita fashion brand can only fit up to a US size 8 at best, it can be rather difficult at times for larger or taller girls to find fitting clothes. For those brands that do provide plus size options, they are usually in generic designs not at all like the elaborate and intricate designs made usually in one small size.

As a plus size lolita myself, I understand how difficult it can be to find beautiful Lolita clothing to suit my personal and expressive style; and I know I am not the only one who faces this problem. Any girl who enjoys this fashion simply wants to be elegant and cute and express themselves with the clothes they love; plus size girls are no different.

By filling out this survey, this can be a reality. There is certainly a lucrative market for these types of clothes to be made in larger sizes, but brands and designers cannot know that unless we make out voices heard. The information gathered from this survey will be sent to a top company in Japan who has the power to make this a reality for many plus size lolitas. So please fill out this survey and let your voice be heard!

Source: Vivienne via Email 
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  1. I had to put that my dress size wasn't listed because I don't know how UK sizes translate, and it's been that long since I bought clothes that weren't handmade to measure that I have no clue what my standard size is.