DuelJewel to disband

On July 7th, DuelJewel announced on their website and official blogs that they will be disbanding following the final stop of their 47-prefecture tour "MEET YOU," which will be held on February 23rd, 2016 at Zepp Tokyo. The reason given was vocalist Hayato's deteriorating condition of his vocal chords. According to their official statement, while Hayato took over a year off from activities with the band in 2011 to focus on treatment and recovery,  prospects of a full recovery aren't possible.

We've been led to make a very difficult decision. Of course, Hayato above all would want to continue the band as five members, and although we've hoped [for a recover] and those hopes will not change, we've had to face reality and decided that this would be the most positive outcome. We deeply apologize for making such a sudden statement. To all our fans, staff, and everyone who has supported us, we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. We start our final one-man tour on July 22nd at Shizuoka Sunash. We'll all band together and we hope you'll continue to cheer us on until the very end.
Hayato also wrote up a personal apology on his blog, saying he was very sorry for announcing such news to their fans:

I understand that all of our fans are really surprised to hear of us disbanding, and I sincerely apologize to you all. I'm very sorry that I won't be able to fully recover. These past three years I have done all that I can; with all of the fans, my bandmates, and our staff cheering me on; going to several different medical institutions, and having friends and musicians introduce me to a lot of different doctors. I hoped and I prayed for a full recovery, but now I have to face the inevitable fact that my throat just won't get any better, so we've decided to disband.
He went on to state that in the past 18 years, he's really lived his life in DuelJewel to the fullest, and has been so grateful to have been able to accomplish all that they have, including their album releases, tours, and their performances overseas.

My entire musical life has been encompassed within a band between the words 'Duel' and 'Jewel.' With this upcoming final tour, 'MEET YOU,' visiting 47 prefectures, and everyone who has supported a guy like me, and everyone who will continue to support us, I will do my best for you all, and I thank you. All the way up until our final performance at Zepp Tokyo on February 22nd, we will all strive to make this the best experience ever.
Tickets for their 47-stop tour are available online through ePlus.

Source: OHP, Hayato's official blog

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