A9 - EP tracklisting revealed + Asia tour information

Tora(gt), Nao(dr), Show(vo), Hiroto(gt), Saga(ba)
Since A9 resumed activities in March of this year, they've been steadily releasing previews and MVs of what's to come on their upcoming start-up EP, Ginga no Oto, to be released on August 23rd. Today, in addition to posting the second MV titled "Spiegel," they also updated their web site with more information regarding the tracklisting on the EP, as well as all the venues they will be playing on their Asia tour later this fall. Ginga no Oto will initially be available at their 11th anniversary concert. Check out all the details below!

START-UP EP 銀河ノヲト(Ginga no Oto/sound of the Milky Way)

1. Phoenix
2. Spiegel
3. 道化師 (Doukeshi/Clown)
4. 流星群(Ryuuseigun/Meteor Shower)
5. フリージアの咲く場所 (Freesia no saku basho/Where Freesia Blooms)
6. 銃弾 (Juudan/Bullet)

A9 Re:birth Asia Tour 2015
2015.9.29 Korea Baekam Art Hall
2015.10.3 Shanghai (venue TBA)
2015.10.4 Shanghai (venue TBA)
2015.10.10 Taipei ATT
2015.10.11 Taichung TADA
2015.10.13 Beijing MAO
2015.10.15 Wuhan VOX
2015.10.17 Guangzhou SD
2015.10.18 Hong Kong E-MAX
2015.10.24 Singapore LASALLE The Singapore Airlines Theatre
2015.10.25 Singapore LASALLE The Singapore Airlines Theatre
2015.11.1 Malaysia KL LIVE

Source: OHP
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