Season of Ghosts - Release The Human Paradox in Japan + Tour Announced

It was recently announced that Seasons of Ghosts would be releasing a special Japanese edition of THE HUMAN PARADOX exclusive to Japan! It will feature  new album artwork and tracks that are exclusive to this release. The album will be released July 8th, 2015, making for Sophia's long-awaited comeback to the Japanese music scene.

Fans of MEJIBRAY are in for a treat as guitarist MiA is featured on the release, playing guitar on TIME TRAVELLERS and QUANTUM – through the looking glass.

Personally, I've never had much love for the female-fronted bands in the visual rock scene and I can't put my finger on why, but Season of Ghosts really changed that. Sophia has a LOT of talent and can really do great things.  ~ Shane (VKH Press), (Click here to read the review)

The album will be released through HOWLING BULL, Japanese home of AVENGED SEVENFOLD and CHTHONIC to name a couple, and you can now purchase it on Amazon!

It was also announced that the band will be touring through Japan! We will keep you updated on the details of this and the upcoming release in the future.

THE HUMAN PARADOX (Japanese Vers.) - ¥2,484

1 Nothing Disappears Without A Trace
2 Genesis – The Phoenix Syndrome
3 Time Travellers
4 Dream; Paralysis
5 The Human Paradox
6 NEMESIS – The Kiss Of Justice
7 Beautiful Eternal Things
8 Dreaming In The Gray Lands
9 The Road To Acheron
10 Quantum – Through The Looking Glass
11 Reincarnation
12 There And Back Again

【Exclusive Tracks for Japan】
13 Genesis – The Phoenix Syndrome (Fatal-Fe Remix)
14 The Road To Acheron (Instrumental)

*Purchase it on Amazon

Source: Sophia via LINE, SoG OHP
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