REVIEW: Sebastiano Serafini - I BLEED

Written by Matthew Whetstone

Singer/model Sebastiano Serafini is back with his most ambitious project to date. I BLEED is the newest release from Sebastiano and similar to his other songs is an absolutely impressive hit. Apart from I BLEED's widespread, positive reception, the song is quite different from his previous singles, yet it retains the artist's signature experimental style. Sebastiano's works, which include Fallen, Never Walk Alone, INORI and Your Knight, are all unique, genre-defying creations that test Sebastiano as an artist, and I BLEED continues this trend. Committed to never making the same song twice, I BLEED is a departure from Sebastiano's previous songs in both style and tone. It is reminiscent of a love song, but the range of emotion expressed is far more complex than a typical ballad.

The song opens with chanting beats, while the piano and drum solo leads into Sebastiano's vocals where a melancholy cadence colors his voice as he sings, "When I'm dumb I am numb, I am totally stunned. I wake up, I don't miss you at all." The tempo quickens, building tension while confusion and frustration are mixed with amorous emotions. It soon becomes apparent that the focus is on the ambiguity of a romance which was profound in one heartbeat and gone in the next, leaving only questions and stark revelations. The guitar solo becomes distorted to reflect the chaotic emotions.

You didn't know it and I didn't mind. There was nothing serious that night. You were a stranger and so was I. We're going to dance just this one time.

Layered with a variety of musical styles and a variety of editing tricks, the lyrics, and Sebastiano's voice draws you into a song that's both dark and incredibly beautiful. I BLEED is an ambitious song to be sure and this is doubly true of the video which is impressive in its simplicity while featuring a star-studded cast of artists from around the world.

Produced by Sebastiano Serafini, and directed by Claudio D'Avascio, I BLEED's PV has a subtle use of CGI which includes a robot that almost looks real, while clever cinematography tricks employed by REIJI, and Matt Pellizzari are integrated to make Sebastiano and other performers look and distorted to match the tempo throughout. They've also encapsulated a dreamlike world in a room the size of a box.

Guest musicians include Rian (the LOTUS) and Kizasi (formerly of Ecthelion), while models Megumi Munakata, Rinrin Doll, and Roa, along with Mexican Top Youtuber Miranda Ibañez round out the cast. Makeup artist Imota Motoki adds glitz and glamor while the cast dazzles in the latest fashions from Valentino, Kris Van Assche, BLK DNM, and Tom Ford. Illustrator Max Rambaldi adds his unique talents to create the single's signature cover. I BLEED isn't just a thought-provoking song and fascinating video, it's also the expression of an artist who continues to captivate and evolve.

"I BLEED" is available on iTunes  and Amazon.

You can check out the music video below:

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