Magistina Saga - 4th Mini-Album "Allium " Announced

(Photo) R to L: Vo. Iori, Ba. Kyo, Gt. Urugi 
Do those feelings make you stronger, or weaker?

Magistina Saga's upcoming mini-album Allium will feature a 6-track CD and a DVD containing a music video for thheir new song "Invisible wall". Just as the music vieo shows the band's latest costumes, Allium bshows the fans a side of Magistina Saga that they have never seen before! This album is said to express the "intersecting feelings between men and women using a different theme." As with their previous release, production and sound arrangement are provided by Yuu of THE SOUND BEE HD. Pre-sales will begin at the sponsored live show at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 on June 16, 2015, and the album will officially go on sale on July 8th!

Details on the release can be found below:

Allium - ¥2,484
CD Playlist:
01. wor/d
03. Hakari ni kakeru utsuwa
04. Invisible wall
05. Shiro
06. intertwine

DVD Playlist:
01. Invisible wall (MV)

*Purchase it on Darkest Labyrinth

Invisible wall MV Spot:

Source: Starwave Records PR via E-Mail
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