Introducing: Vexent

Left to Right: vo. Mako, ds. Levi, ba. Yuito, gt. Mirai, gt. Touka
Vexent is a new visual-kei band that recently officially started activities earlier this summer. Below are the members and their positions:

Vo. 真虎 (Mako)

Gt. 燈華 (Touka) ex.

Gt. 未来 (Mirai)

Ba. ゆいと (Yuito) ex. GLEIVE

Ds. レビ (Levi)  ex. 2nd Dyz

They are already gearing up to releasing their debut single titled Omega (オメガ). It will be on sale November 2 and it will come in 2 types. Type A will just have a CD with 2 songs and a DVD with the MV. It will cost 1944 yen (tax in.). Type B will just have a CD with 3 songs and will cost 1620 yen (tax in.). A preview of the song, "Insanity", can be heard on their OHP. Below is the track-listing:

Omega Type A
01. オメガ (Omega)
02. Insanity
01. Omega MV

Omega Type B
01. オメガ (Omega)
02. Insanity
03. Distopia

They will hold their debut live at Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 on July 14, performing with other visual-kei bands titled MANaWAR. Their debut one-man live, Birth of the OMEGA, will be held at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on January 9. To see their full schedule, please click here.

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