Introducing: Rides In ReVellion

Today, we have another interesting new band for you!
Their name is Rides In ReVellion and they debuted with their first live on May 13th 2015.
Since April 25th, their first demo single entitled "Rosé / MIRAGE-toxical love story-" is available for free at their lives.
Moreover, you can find the full version of the band's song "Rosé" on their official youtube channel, so make sure to check it out:

Besides, the band also has two official twitter accounts, one in japanese (@official_RIR) and another one in english (@rir_eng). All members publish all kind of tweets on their english twitter, so take a look, it's really interesting!

Members are:

Vocalist KuRo

Guitarist TaJI

Drummer Ame

We will keep you updated about them!

Official English Twitter
Official Japanese Twitter
Vocalist KuRo: Twitter / Blog
Guitarist TaJI: Twitter / Blog
Drummer Ame: Twitter / Blog

Source: OHP, TaJI's Blog
Video Source: Rides In ReVellion official @Youtube
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  1. Rides In ReVellion also has two official twitter accounts
    one in Japanese (@official_RIR)
    one in English (@rir_eng)

  2. @Anon: Thank you! I will add the links :)