Introducing: More + New DVD Announced

More is a five-piece band composed of former members of Sugarthe GazettE12012, and No 'Reason, with the fifth member being a support pianist. In lieu of the year of the sheep, their current theme for the new season is "Stray Sheep. " In this concept, as the sheep that has awoken from a long sleep forms a paranoid view of the outside, the lines between hypnotic experiments and morphologic literacy divide and expand. Furthermore, three words proposed by Aristotle, representing the subtheme, become a backbone: the former Dunamis (potential), the latter Energeia (work), and at the center of it all, upon final realization of its full potential, Entelecheia (completion).

They began their live activities on April 1st at Takadanobaba AREA, and released their debut DVD hypno on June 24th. This DVD includes the title music video, which you can check out below, as well as two other clips, but their discography will not be stopping there. The band has already announced a second DVD release entitled morphe. It is currently listed as More's "Autumn release", but they will hold an event for it on October 2nd at Takobaba AREA, the Banquet of Energeia.

You can preview morphe here:

In addition to that, on July 7th vocalist Loki and bassist En'ya will be participating in a USTREAM session on SLASH & BURN from 21:00 - 23:26 (Japan Time). At this time, the band is recruiting staff and roadies! More information can be found on their homepage. Also be sure to check out their online shop where they sell their official merchandise alongside König's (Loki's solo project).

Vo. Loki (ex-Sugar)
Gt. JUDY Jun (ex-Kiss my way, ex-No’Reason)
Ba. En'ya (ex-12012)
Ds. Yune (ex-the GazettE)
Support pf. Yamamitsu

Check out previews of More's first music video DVD hypno here:

Source: Official FacebookOHPViSULOG
Video Source: info more @ YouTube
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