BLITZ to Disband + Best Album Announced

Some sad news for fans of BLITZ - on June 1st the band announced they would cease activities in November of this year. Before they disband they will hold one last one-man tour entitled for U. They show will occur over three concert dates on October 31st, November 2nd, and November 7th. This live at Shinjuku BLAZE November 7th would be BLITZ's final show together.


  • 11/2 - Osaka RUIDO
  • 11/7/2015 - Shinjuku BLAZE

The band and staff had posted a message to the fans, which you may read below:

:: Announcement from Blitz::
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We hope this summer announcement finds you well. Blitz will be disbanding at their Shinjuku Blaze live on November 7 (Sat), 2015. We sincerely thank our fans for supporting us these three years as well as everyone involved. We will continue to put all our energies into Blitz' activities until the end and hope you will give us the same kind support you always have for the remainder of our activities too.

First of all, sorry for such a sudden announcement right off the bat like that. This is the answer we arrived at after spending the longest time trying to decide and talking about it over and over again with the other members. It makes me really happy to think that we made it this far without changing members. Back when Blitz first started, none of the members knew what we were doing. Staying in a band for three years probably isn't ever easy, but we somehow managed to find a way to keep it going all this time. Of course, there were plenty of times when we hit a wall. But we were still able to come this far, and that's thanks to all our fans who stuck with us. I'm truly grateful for that. Thank you for always being there by my side! Thank you for all the smiling faces! Without a doubt, the three years or so I performed with Blitz will be some of my life's fondest memories. I'm going to make every last effort for our last few months of shows so please do the same and come see us play. Together we'll keep on smiling like never before―right to the end! — GAKU 

It's such a sudden announcement, I'm not sure how to begin, but I'll write about how I feel anyways. At our Shinjuku Blaze show on November 7, 2015, Blitz is going to disband. Looking back at us three years ago, I think we've come a long way. Blitz started out as five clueless band members who had just gathered together. Those five members worked hard every day in order to better themselves, and through the experience they gained from one-mans and through their songwriting and various other activities, they were able to grow to where Blitz is today and that's something I'm proud of. Together, the members have shared joys and sorrows, all kinds of emotions. I'm really glad that the five of us could do all this together the entire time without changing members or anyone retiring from the band. Thank you so much to all our fans who responded to the music we put out and for the support you've given us. I have nothing but gratitude for all of you. You've made me realize how much fun music really is. There's still so much more I want to say. But I think I'll put all my feelings into our remaining activities, just let that all speak for itself in the best possible way. I'll still be working hard to try to have our music reach as many people as possible right to the very end. I hope you'll keep showing us the same support you always have until the time comes, too. — Tsubaki

Sorry to everyone for the sudden surprise announcement. We would have liked to have made the journey up to the top with all of you there beside us, but our dream ends here. I'm filled with gratitude to all of the fans who supported us along the way. Thank you for *getting* our music and for making the journey together with Blitz these three years. I'm glad I continued with Blitz for this long--the band I decided would be my first and last. For me, these three years I spent with the other members and all of you will be a treasure I'm going to cherish forever, so that one day I can look back on this decision to disband and know it was a positive choice. For the limited time we have left, I'm going to take it all head-on and just give it 100% of everything I've got in me. I hope that you all come out to see us and give us your full support right up to the final day. We'll be going to see you with one-mans as well as organizing events all over the country so let's have a good time. I really hope you'll be there to support us to the very end so that our 11/7 Shinjuku Blaze final show will be a massive success. — Mihal 

Blitz has made its sudden disbandment announcement. For the past three years we've been active on the good ship Blitz since April 2, 2012, and in that time I've toured throughout Japan, and met fans, made new friends, staff, people in the industry... so many different people! We've played a good few hundred shows now, and with each one I've gotten to see you all smile and enjoy yourselves, and yours truly smiling right back! We've got about five months left till Shinjuku Blaze on November 7th! Although there's only a few dozen more gigs left we'll be able to do, I hope to see you all there smiling like always♪ The members of Blitz were able to pull this off all while getting along epically, too―I think Blitz is an awesome band! Although a part of me feels sad about disbanding, I'm going to put everything I've got into Blitz right up to November 7th and just basically hope I chisel Blitz into your memories! — CoA

The days we spent as Blitz these three years just overflowed with happiness. To the fans we've startled or made sad with this announcement, and to the fans who'd been looking forward to where we were heading, I'm sorry. And to all of you who gave us your support, I'm full of gratitude. Us band members are really close and like family to each other. I think it's exactly that we were able to do all this with this particular members that has made it into something meaningful. Everything I wanted to express and do with Blitz, I've believe I've done at this point. I don't think a single thing we did as Blitz can be considered a mistake and I have no regrets about anything. After our Shinjuku Blaze performance at November 7th, we're entrusting the music we nurtured and developed as Blitz over to you. After November 7th, I don't know if I'll be able to see you again. So for the time that's left, too, we'll be putting in everything we've got in the way that only Blitz can, and personally I'll be doing the same. So, and maybe I'm being selfish but, I really hope that you'll come and see us all play. I'm proud that I was able to be the drummer for Blitz and that in doing so, I found a special place where I feel I can belong. — Ryo

Prior to the tour BLITZ will be releasing their BEST album on September 9th in two types: Type A and Type B. Bitz BEST 2012-2015 will contain all of the band's most popular songs in their 3 years of activity. Type A will include a DVD featuring 6 music videos and a CD featuring 16 tracks. Type B, on the other hand, will include a CD only, but with a separate track list from Type A and 15 tracks.

Details of this release can be found below:

Blitz BEST 2012-2015 [CD+DVD / Type A] (¥3,800)

1) Wish World Rainbow
3) ディープラビリンス (Deep Labyrinth)
4) トゥーンワールド (Toon World)
5) Story
6) トワイライトムーン.序章. (Twilight Moon -Josho-)
7) トワイライトムーン.終章. (Twilight Moon -Epilogue-)
9) A~
10) 卒業 (Sotsugyō)
11) 本日ハ晴天ナリ (Honjitsu ha Seiten Nari)
12) Bonus Track 1
13) Bonus Track 2
14) Bonus Track 3
15) Bonus Track 4
16) Bonus Track 5

1) Wish World Rainbow
3) ディープラビリンス
4) トゥーンワールド
5) トワイライトムーン~終章~
6) 卒業

*Purchase it on CDJapan

Blitz Best 2012-2015 [Type B] (¥3,300)

1) 恋花SUMMER Line (Koihana SUMMER Line)
2) スケルトンタウン (Skeleton Town)
3) Stare
4) Over
5) 脳★No HOLIC (Nō★No HOLIC)
7) オレンジデイズ (Orange Days)
9) 快楽の溺れた夜、可憐に散る華 (Kairaku no Oboreta Yoru, Karen ni Chiru Hana)
10) Desire
11) 冬空 (Fuyuzora)
12) KISS
14) 熱情コラム (Netsujō Column)
15) Soul of Heart

*Purchase it on CDJapan

Source: CDJapan, OHP
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