INTERVIEW: WING WORKS on JapAnimanga Night + Android Trilogy

Recently VKH had the chance to interview RYO:SUKE (ex-Lolita 23Q) about his upcoming plans with hi solo project WING WORKS. He talks about the new chapter in WING WORKS, the meaning behind the upcoming releases and even his upcoming show in Switzerland!

This week WING WORKS also opened their global fan club "WINGERS" (found here), and released a new music video for the first single in the 3-month consecutive series, RAVVE OF MY TRINITY. You can check this out as well as the interview below:

VKH: What is something the fans in Switzerland should look forward to at your show?

RYO:SUKE: Our show will be the same as our one-man lives in Japan.

VKH: What did you learn from your overseas debut in Paris?

RYO:SUKE: Because we are Japanese, we can give you this kind of music and these kinds of lives.

VKH: How will you use what you've learned in Paris at your upcoming live at JapAnimanga Night?

RYO:SUKE: I want to directly show you how I feel from the bottom of my heart.

VKH: Is there something that you have always wanted to do in Switzerland? If so, what is it?

RYO:SUKE: I want to eat raclette cheese.

VKH: What are you looking forward to seeing the most at the convention overall?

RYO:SUKE: I want to see what kind of cosplay will be most done.

VKH: Are there any festivals or conventions overseas that you have always wanted to participate in?

RYO:SUKE: I want to sing at any convention or festival, no matter how small.

VKH: What is the concept behind your new “FUTURISTIC AND:RIOD PROJECT_2033”?

RYO:SUKE: An android from the future who has come to change our world.

VKH: How do each of the three singles (RAVVE OF MY TRINITY, Burn your soul, IKAROS) connect? Is there a story being told?

RYO:SUKE: When you listen to all three singles in order, the story and ideas will become instantly clear.

VKH: How do futuristic and philosophical ideas like androids and souls manage to mix in this new chapter of WING WORKS?

RYO:SUKE: The deep parts of a person's heart which connects with their nature.

VKH: Is there any experimentation with new musical elements in these singles?

RYO:SUKE: There are new sounds, riffs, sound material, and singing methods which have been incorporated.

VKH: Why is Burn your soul an iTunes-limited release?

RYO:SUKE: Because to WING WORKS, Burn your soul contains our most important message which we want all fans all over the world to hear.

VKH: Fans are always excited when you release new artist photos. Where do you get your visual inspiration from?

RYO:SUKE: Neon Genesis Evangelion, SF movies, Chanel, and etc.

VKH: Do you have any other future plans you would like to share?

RYO:SUKE: In December we will be doing a one-man live in Tokyo.

VKH: Thank you for your time! Would you please send a message to your fans and our readers?

RYO:SUKE: ▼Burn your soul.▼

Special thanks to RYO:SUKE for taking the time to answer our question  and to Vivienne for making this interview possible!

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