Sadie - Hiatus Announced + New Maxi-Single

After recently celebrating their 10th anniversary, Sadie announced that they will be on hiatus starting this fall. The will start their activity pause after their live at Zepp Tokyo on September 21. They apologize for the sudden announcement, but after 10 years of activity, they believed it was the right time. They are grateful for their fans and promise to work hard until the end.

Below is the official announcement from their website, with the translation done by Robin Alan:

To everyone who has supported Sadie we sincerely give you our thanks.
Right now we have a very important announcement to tell you.
After the live on September 21st, 2015, at Zepp Tokyo, the band has decided to go on hiatus.
Within these past 10 years, Sadie has not taken one single break, and have recklessly pushed forward the entire time.
As such, we've had a lot of things pile up. On the other hand, we feel there's been a lot of things that were overlooked.
Standing firmly upon this milestone of 10 years together, we really feel that this is the perfect timing and regard it as an opportunity to step back and reconsider our music, and our lives; this break will allow us to take steps towards a new Sadie, and when we reached the conclusion to take this break, we decided this would be a good time to make the announcement.
These 10 years, Sadie has been made possible by the support of so many people. Above all, our fans who have supported us, we have no words to fully express our gratitude to you.
We understand that this seems to be quite a rather selfish announcement, and that it is a great inconvenience to our fans who have cheered us on. For that, we deeply apologize. We sincerely hope that you'll come to understand this outcome, although it is painful for us all.
As abrupt as this announcement is, we shall remain active until September 21st, and give it our all. We thank you all for your continued support.

Sadie also announced that they will be releasing a new maxi-single called Voyage. It will be on sale May 17. The single will come in 3 types. The  limited edition type A will cost 1800 yen  and will include a CD with 2 songs and a DVD with the single's PV. The limited edition type B will cost 1200 yen and will include just a CD with 2 songs that incllude a live version of "Meisai" at their 2015.04.11 special gig. Regular edition will cost 1500 yen and will include a CD with 3 songs.

Below is the tracklisting:

Voyage Limited Edition Type A
02.Call the pain
01. Voayge PV

Voyage Limited Edition Type B
02.迷彩 (Meisai) -Live at 2015.04.11- 

Voyage Regular Edition
02.Call the pain
03.End of the world

In addition, they released the dates for their summer tour:

Sadie Live Tour 2015 Never Ending Voyage -We never say good bye-

June 6 -  Shinjuku BLAZE
June 7 - Shinjuku BLAZE
June 12 - HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama VJ-3
June 20 - Hamamatsu Madowaku
June 21- Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH !!
June 24 - Sapporo cube garden
June 25 - Sapporo cube garden
June 27 - Sendai darwin
July 2 - Nagoya E.L.L
July 3 - Nagoya E.L.L
July 5 - Shiga U ☆ STONE
July 9 - Kobe VARIT.
July 11 - Matsuyama Salon Kitty
July 12 - Takamatsu DIME
July 17 - HEAVEN'S ROCK Utsunomiya VJ-2
July 18  - HEAVEN'S ROCK Kumagai VJ-1
July 20 - Niigata RED STAGE
July 24 - Hiroshima Club Quattro
July 25 - Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
July 28 - (TOUR FINAL) Zepp Namaba  
"forever and ever…"  September 21 - Zepp Tokyo 

Source: OHP 1 + 2  
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