Introducing: DOAK

DOAK is a new band that recently formed in April. Yuuki, the former vocalist of UnsraW, decided to make a new band, aside from his current side-project of ERIZA.

This is the band's current line-up and while profile pictures have not been revealed, some of you may recognize the members from their previous and current bands:

Vo. 勇企 (Yuuki) ex. UnsraW
Gt.  暁 (Satoshi), currently in D.I.D
Ds. 和春 (Kazuharu), current support member of UNLIMITED RULEBOOK.

DOAK is set to have their debut live on June 14, with the venue to be announced somewhere in Tokyo. In addition, the band will be releasing their first single titled 揚羽-ageha-. 

No further details have been announced, but we will keep you updated! Below is the single's spot where you can get a glance of the band's sound:

Official YouTube
DOAK Official Twitter
Kazuharu's Official Twitter
Yuuki's Official Twitter
DOAK Official Blog
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