Aoi -168-, Dancho (NoGoD) and Yuuki (Lycaon) in ViSULOG's Next Otome Game "Soine Bandoman"

"Boku wa Anata ni Koi wo Suru" (ボクはアナタに恋をする) was the first dating simulator (aka otome game) to be centered around visual kei bands. In that story, the user was someone interested in working in the music industry and was introduced to contacts through their uncle, thus establishing their relationships with the artists. For fans of that otome game, there is something of a sequel that has recently been released for your mobile devices!

"Soine Bandoman" (添い寝バンドマン) is ViSULOG's latest otome game, but instead of having the MC work in the music industry, the user just happens to be the band member's random acquaintance. (A meeting which is established in the prologue!)  Just as before, the characters featured in the game are each vocalists of real bands. The app also features vocal samples of the characters as well as full stories that may be purchased for about $3.99. A free prologue is available as well for preview!

So far, the artists announced are...

Aoi (Aoi -168-)
Yuuki (Lycaon)
Dancho (NoGoD)

The website teases that one more artist/character will be announced soon, so we will keep you updated!

You can download the app for free on iTunes and Google Play, but the application offer in-app purchases.

- iTunes
- Google Play

Check out Soine Bandoman's official site:

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Source: ViSULOG
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