Kuroyuri to Kage - New Mini-Album "Akesuke Shuuchiroku"

Kuroyuri to Kage (黒百合と影) debuted in  2014 as a new band for the year and they already released their debut full album recently in February. Now, they are back again with another release!

This time, they are going to release their a mini-album called Akesuke Shuuchiroku (アケスケ羞恥録) on July 29 for 2700 yen. It will just contain a CD with 7 songs in total.

Below is the track-listing:

Akesuke Shuuchiroku
03.ティシューの空箱 (Tissue no Karabako)
04.児童公園 (Jidoukouen)
05.高田馬場えいりあん (Takadanobaba alien)
06.ぼくのともだち。(Boku no Tomodachi)
07.花と骨 (Hana to Hone)

Source: OHP
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