Introducing: SAKURA

Left to Right: Manipulator Den, gt. Chihiro, ba. Kazu, vo. Takanobu, ds. Takahiro
SAKURA is a new band that formed recently 2015. They are a visual kei band who mixes traditional Japanese elements into their style and music. Below are the members:

Vo. 太伸 (Takanobu) ex. MaitoreiA and Retsu to Sora

Gt. 千尋 (Chihiro), ex. Virgil and current member of RE-LITE

Ba. 和 (Kazu),  ex. Virgil and Circus

Manipulator 電 (Den)

Ds. 誉大 (Takahiro), ex. Circus

Their first one-man live is titled Sakura Maichirumeguriai (桜舞い散る巡り会い) and it will be held on June 18 at Ikebukuro EDGE. Until then, they will participate in various lives with other visual kei bands as well. Their full schedule can be seen here

In addition, the band announced that they will be releasing their debut mini-album titled Sakura no Namida (桜の涙). It will be on sale May 27 and it will come with a CD with 5 songs and a DVD with a MV. Below is the track-listing:

Sakura no Namida
01.桜美麗 (Sakuramirei)
03.桜舞い散る恋物語 (Sakuramaichiru Koimonogatari)
04.摩天楼桜吹雪 (Matenrou Sakurafubuki)
05.暁沈む桜の木の下で (Akatsuki Shizumu Sakura no Ki no Shita de)

On their YouTube, they already uploaded spots of three of their songs. You can check them out below to hear their sound!

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