Scarlet Valse - 1st Mini-Album "Story"

Some good news for Scarlet Valse fans! Described as "the beginning of a new story", Scarlet Valse announced that they will be releasing their first mini-album titled Story. The album will be out starting on March 19 at their live at Ikebukuro CYBER for a pre-release and in stores on May 27. It will cost 2800 yen and will have a limit of 1000 copies.

The album will contain a CD with 6 songs and a DVD with the MV for "Story". The release will also come with an 8-page booklet. The song "Voyage in Chronos" will be a new recording with the band's new lineup. Also, for the song "Story", it will contain guest vocalists such as Rui (Misaruka), 庵-iori- (Magistina Saga),  奏音-neon- (ex. 蒼-AO-) , and Yusuke (ex. Banquet For The Clown).

Below is the track-listing and album cover:

01. Infinite Creation
02. Story
03. Voyage in Chronos
04. Dear
05. Curse of Red
06. Raison d'etre
01. Story (MV)

Story Online Shop Cover

Also, on March 19. their newest tour will kick off, with the final show will be at Ebisu Aim on May 13 with a two-man live.

Below are the trailer and MV spot for the album:

Source: Kiwamu via Email
Thanks for the email, Kiwamu!
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