Nimo (Ace) - First Solo Album "RHAPSODIA~Dolce Vita~"

It seems Nimo (from A -Anonymous Confederate Ensemble, aka. Ace) will be going solo this year! His album RHAPSODIA~Dolce Vita~ will be released on March 18th and will cost ¥3,000. The contents of the album will feature cover songs of famous J-ROck tracks such as "au revoir" by MALICE MIZER and "Anata" by L`Arc~en~Ciel. Other artists Nimo will be heard covering include CoccoJUJUSIAM SHADE, CHIHIRO, Inoue Azumi, and more! Check out the details of the release below:

RHAPSODIA~Dolce Vita~ (¥3,000)

1. 強く儚い者たち(Cocco
2. 碧い瞳のエリス(安全地帯
3. au revoir(MALICE MIZER
4. つぐない ~Acoustic ver.~(テレサ•テン
5. 部屋とYシャツと私 ~Acoustic ver.~(平松愛理
6. この夜を止めてよ(JUJU
7. Another Orion(藤井フミヤ
8. RAIN ~Acoustic ver.~(SIAM SHADE
10. あなた(L'Arc-en-Ciel
11. 君をのせて~Acoustic ver.~(井上あずみ

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Source: Nimo's Blog, CDJapan
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